Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Cayo Guillermo Beach in Cuba

Cayo Guillermo beaches – A true Caribbean paradise!
The beaches on Cayo Guillermo are simply amazing: perfect powdery white coral sand and clear warm turquoise water that remains shallow for an incredible distance; fantastic for swimming and snorkelling. The most outstanding Cayo Guillermo beach is the 2 mile long Playa Pilar which has the tallest sand dunes in the Caribbean. Virgin Cayo Guillermo beaches still offer a true sense of tranquillity and romance, making Cayo Guillermo holidays a favourite with honeymoon couples. Cayo Guillermo holidays offer plenty of activities should you tire of lazing on a paradise Cayo Guillermo beach. Cayo Guillermo holidays could include jeep safaris, horse riding, cruises, glass-bottomed boat trips and deep-sea fishing.
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